We all dream of a musical robot without any latency! But not that, here’s what you need.

Bot Information
AddedJun 27, 2021


I really like good quality music!

You probably don’t know me but I know you very well you know, if you know how happy I am to see you here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time Don’t be afraid I’m here to embellish your ears with a beautiful and sweet music.


Command Description Usage
Addfilter Add a Filter to the Filters p!!addfilter
Custombassboost Sets a custom Bassboost with Gain p!!custombassboost
Customspeed Changes the Speed of the Song p!!customspeed
Filters List all active and possible Filters p!!filters
Removefilter Removes a Filter from the Queue p!!removefilter
Setfilter Sets (Overwrides) all Filters p!!setfilter
Avatar Be able to view the avatar of a server member p!!avatar
Help Returns all Commmands, or one specific command p!!help [cmdname]
Botinfo Shows Information about the Bot p!!botinfo
Ping Gives you information on how fast the Bot is p!!ping
Shards Information on the shards p!!shards
Addrelated Add a similar/related song to the current Song p!!addrelated
Autoplay Toggles Autoplay p!!autoplay
Mix Plays a defined Mix p!!mix [MIXNAME]
Play Plays a Song/Playlist in your VoiceChannel p!!play
Playskip Plays a Song/Playlist and skips p!!playskip
Playtop Plays a Song/Playlist and adds it to the Top p!!playtop
Skip Skips the Current Track p!!skip
Stop Stops playing and leaves the Channel p!!stop
Clear Clears the Queue p!!clear
Jump Jumps to a specific Song in the Queue p!!jump
List Lists the current Queue p!!list
Loop Enable/Disable the Song- / Queue-Loop p!!loop
Move Moves one Song to another Place p!!move
Previous Plays the previous Song p!!previous
Remove Removes one+ Song(s) p!!remove [Amount]
shuffle Shuffles (Mixes) The Queue p!!shuffle
Status Shows the Queue Status p!!status
Volume Adjusts the Volume of the Music p!!volume
Unshuffle Un-Shuffles (Mixes) The Queue p!!unshuffle
Botchat Shows Information about the Bot p!!botinfo
Defaultautoplay Defines if Autoplay should be enabled on default or not p!!defaultautoplay
Defaultfilter Defines the Default Filter(s) p!!defaultfilter
Defaultvolume Defines the Default Volume of the Bot p!!defaultvolume
Dj Manages the Djs p!!dj <@Role>
Prefix Changes the Prefix of the Bot p!!prefix
Autoresume Enable/Disable the Autoresume for this Guild, if the bot restarts! p!!autoresume
Addend Adds this Song back to the end of the Queue p!!addend
Forward Forwards for X Seconds p!!forward
Grab Jumps to a specific Position in the Song p!!grab
Lyrics Sends the Song Lyrics p!!lyrics
Nowplaying Shows the current Playing Song p!!nowplaying
Replay Replays the current song p!!replay
Rewind Rewinds for X Seconds p!!rewind
Seek Jumps to a specific Position in the Song p!!seek

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