FlazeBot is a radio based Discord bot. You will be able to do powerful stuff once you invite the bot!

Bot Information
AddedDec 21, 2021



• ⏰ Always there waiting for you, 24/7!
• 📻 FlazeBot stays playing in your server 24/7 and never disconnects unless you ask it to do so.
• ⚙️ Change FlazeBot's settings.
• 🎵 Plays high quality audio.
• 📜 Play music with the different Flaze radio!
• ⏳ 99.99% uptime.
• 🔧 Constantly updated and improved.
• 🔖 Complete and well-explained documentation.


FlazeBot's radio

• Phonk  
• Lo-fi hip hop  
• House  
• Trap  
• US Rap   
• And More...   
Join our Discord to suggest radio genres!


FlazeBot's languages

• French  
• English  
• Portuguese   
• German  
• Arabic  

Join our Discord and become a Translator to help us!
We're searching for Chinese and Russian translators, come on Discord and DM one of the owners 😉

FlazeBot will send a message when joining your guild, read it carefully to configure it. If you need help you can visit our documentation at docs.flazebot.com or ask our staff at discord.flazebot.com.