Adopt, care for, and play with pets while playing minigames to earn points and achievements.

Bot Information
AddedMar 02, 2022

Pets bot allows you to adopt your very own pet. Once adopted you will be responsible for keeping it fed, happy, and healthy. To do this you will need to collect points (/claim, mini-games, daily prize) and buy items in the shops.

Pets bot comes with fully playable mini-games coded into the bot for you to play for points or attempt to rise to the top of the global leaderboards in.

This bot also utilizes slash commands and allows users to interact with the bot without spamming/flooding any chat channels. This bot also rewards boosters in your discord server by allowing them to claim more pets without purchasing them, giving users more reasons to boost your server.

/claim pet

After you claim your pet you can use /help to get a list of all bot commands or use /encyclopedia gameplay

REMEMBER: All commands are slash commands, so make sure the proper perms are enabled in the channel you want users to use it in.